Truffles with love

With great dedication and enthusiasm, directly from the nature, we bring to you the most precious gastronomic treasure.
Each stage of truffle processing is carefully monitored and controlled, which is confirmed by numerous certificates we possess, in order to preserve the quality of the final product in the best possible manner.
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About us

Damar Confit is a start-up that deals with processing and selling of fresh truffles and its main objective is to present the Serbian truffle, with its supreme features, to the entire world. Over the past years, driven by our love towards truffles and our strong will to achieve our goal, we have succeeded in opening new markets and obtaining better position and placement – which has made the foundation for our further development.

Though permanent technological enhancements, we have succeeded in developing unusual recipes, composed in such a manner so that they preserve natural properties of truffles and provide maximum flavour and fragrance, at the same time. By improving our operations and innovating our range of products, we have managed to establish a relationship of trust with our market and consumers.

Our products

Truffle products

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Fresh Truffles

White truffle (Tuber magnatum pico) Tuber magantum pico is certainly the most…