Truffle Shop

In the heart of Belgrade, in the bohemian quarter, there is a space the fragrance of which spreads along entire Skadarlija. It is a store selling fresh truffles, but also an entire range of products made with these most luxurious mushrooms, packed in take-away delights. For the ones having refined palates, there is a tasting salon. Pleasant ambiance and enchanting flavours and fragrances are complemented with video materials on this precious natural treasure. While the wine with truffles elates your spirit, you will be able to learn where and how you can find them, preserve them, and most importantly what the best recipes for their preparation are.


Degustation menu that costs RSD 1,150 comprises:

– a glass of wine with truffles

– cow cheese with truffles

– truffles and olives spread

– truffles and champignons spread

– truffle carpaccio

– pralines with truffles

– honey with truffles.